Join us from the comfort of your own home or facility by letting us come to you, either in person or via the

Internet on Zoom at a time that suits you.

We are currently offering both in-person and online Tele-Rehabilitation services for 1:1 Kinesiology and ‘home visit’ sessions

In-Person Sessions: Please read our Policies & Procedures for In-Person and At-Home appointments. Please contact us for more information or if you have any further questions on these policies that we have created to help keep you safe and healthy during our in-person appointments.

Online Sessions: You will need a device (desktop, laptop, tablet/iPad or smart phone) with a camera and either a Chrome or Firefox internet brower.  It may also be helpful to have someone present in the room or close by during the sessions, especially for older individuals, those with mobility issues and/or those without technology skills.   

Please contact us to book your initial assessment or follow up appointment.

Anna-Marie de Zwager is able to travel to your home or facility to help you achieve your functional goals and improve your quality of life. She works with individuals who are unable to leave their home yet living with stable medical conditions, musculoskeletal injuries and /or having difficulties in completing daily activities.

A unique program will be designed with the client’s specific goals and needs in mind. Regular reassessments will be scheduled to ensure progress is being made and recorded. Communication with family members, the client’s primary health care provider and/or health care team is included in these services as needed.

Anna-Marie de Zwager also proudly works in the Victoria community as a Physiotherapist Support Worker with Annmarie Scanlan of Activate Home Health. For acute or complex medical conditions, it may be necessary to work with a physiotherapist guiding the rehabilitation. Please contact Anna-Marie for more information.

Catchment area is Victoria south of Hillside Avenue (James Bay, Downtown, Fairfield, Fernwood, Oaklands, Oak Bay). Travel fees may apply for services beyond these boundaries.


The initial assessment includes a full medical history interview and physical assessment.  The assessment will vary based on the client’s current activity level and abilities and may include range of motion and strength measurements, balance testing or functional activity challenges to provide a baseline of physical function.

A personalized exercise program will be created to target areas of weakness and help to improve independence, function and overall physical health at home.  The full program will be introduced at the first full (or short) session.

Regular sessions may be booked to help with consistent implementation of the program or follow up sessions to ensure proper technique and progressions may be preferred.  Full or Short Kinesiology sessions will be recommended following the initial assessment and depending on your needs.

Initial assessment Fee:

Anna-Marie     $160

Sheann             $140

​(45 MIN)

A full home-based active rehabilitation session can be booked on a regular on-going basis, 1-5 times per week, or may be booked in advance every 2-8 weeks, as needed, in order to ensure that the current program is being completed & progressed appropriately.

These sessions will include a gentle warm up, strength, balance and functional activities that are specific to the client’s needs as well as a cool down or progressive slowing of activity to return  to a resting state.

For clients who have not been seen for a longer period of time and need a new program, there will be an additional $30 program development fee.

Full Session Fee:

Anna-Marie       $110

Sheann                 $90

Ongoing Sessions: $100/session (1x/week for at least 2 months)


(UP TO 30 MIN)

Short Kinesiology sessions are ideal for individuals with very low level physical fitness.  These individuals may be looking to increase fitness and function slowly due to advanced (but stable) medical conditions, advanced age or limited physical or cognitive function.

Exercise programs will focus on functional activities to improve the overall health of the client.  While the focus of these programs will continue to be on improving physical function, strength, balance and core stability.  The regular social interactions are often noted to be one of the other benefits of these sessions.

Short Session Fee:

Anna-Marie      $73

Sheann              $53

Note: In situations like these, the initial assessment will generally be shorter and the assessment fee would be reduced.