**Currently all classes have been suspended due to Covid regulations.** 

A perfect way to strengthen and rehabilitate from injuries.

In the meantime, please check out our Gentle Strength classes.

Aquatherapy at the Victoria Athletic Club

Aquatherapy can be beneficial for individuals managing arthritis, whiplash, inflammation, chronic pain or difficulty weight bearing.  

Water pressure and buoyancy can help reduce inflammation in joints, reduce the speed of pain signals and reduce loads on joints in the legs and back.  Movement can become easier with less load through the joints. Balance can be challenged safely and gait patterns can be corrected in the water. Water also provides gentle resistance in every direction of movement, so strength and stability are continually being challenged.

We have programs running at the Victoria Athletic Club at the Hotel Grand Pacific.  Please see below for the different options and therapies.




A private 60 minute aquatherapy session is similar to a private Kinesiology session.

An initial assessment is required and a program will be developed from the information gathered. It then typically takes 2-4 private aquatherapy sessions after the initial assessment to perfectly tailor the program to the client’s needs and abilities.

Once the program has been delivered and finalized, the client will be able to choose to continue with private sessions, complete their program independently or join the small group sessions for a semi-independent experience.

Your private Kinesiology session at either location will allow you access to the facility before and after the class. This includes the hot tub, sauna and weight room.

Please contact Anna Marie for availability of private sessions.



These small group offerings are based on a two month registration period and are available on Mondays at 3:30pm and Wednesdays 9am at the Victoria Athletic Club.  Prices are pro-rated for clients joining part way through a session. 

The groups have a ratio of 4-6 clients to one instructor. Each individual will have a personalized program created specifically for them based on their needs, abilities and goals and will complete their program semi-independently while in the group.

Anna Marie de Zwager is present to coach, instruct, correct, progress or alter programs as needed. A private initial assessment is required prior to starting in the group to allow for the individualized program to be created. Please contact Anna-Marie for an appointment.

Victoria Athletic Club

The pool at the privately run Victoria Athletic Club, inside the beautiful Hotel Grand Pacific, is a bright, inviting 25-meter, shallow water pool, perfect for anyone who is not a strong swimmer or overly confident in the water. It is also a great location for those only needing a shallow water program such as to focus on lower body strength, balance and gait patterns.

The shallow water, private pool allows for a focus on walking along with the usual functional strengthening and stabilizing as per clients’ needs and goals.

Anna-Marie is present to instruct, correct, progress or alter programs as needed.

Fees at Victoria Athletic Club

Private Aquatherapy Sessions
Direct Pay $105*

Small Group Registration (2-months)
Members $26/class*
Non-Members: $35/class*

Aquatherapy Small Group Schedule 2021

Mondays 3:30pm

Schedules to be announced when facility can accommodate group classes again.


Wednesdays 9am

Schedules to be announced when facility can accommodate group classes again.

* all prices subject to 5% GST

** Please contact us for ICBC private and group rates.