Whether due to a fall, injury, illness, upcoming or recent surgery or deconditioning in general, if you are experiencing any limitation in your daily functioning,  Anna-Marie de Zwager would like to be able to help you regain your independence and achieve your activity goals.

During this time of social distancing, we are offering both in-person and online Tele-Rehabilitation services for 1:1 Kinesiology sessions. 

Please contact us to book your initial assessment or follow up appointment and to learn more about the policies and procedures we have in place to help keep you safe for in-person sessions.  For online sessions you will need a device (desktop, laptop, tablet/iPad or smart phone) with a camera and either  a Chrome or Firefox internet brower. 


The initial assessment includes a full medical history interview and physical assessment.  The assessment will vary based on the client’s current activity level and abilities and may include range of motion and strength measurements, balance testing or a Functional Movement Screen to provide a baseline of physical function.

A personalized exercise program will be created to target areas of weakness and to help improve physical function, fitness and health.  A few exercises may be introduced during the assessment.  The full program will be introduced at the first Kinesiology session.

​Recommendations for either gym or pool based programming will be made during the assessment.  Some individuals may benefit from a combination of land and pool exercise programs.

Initial Assessment Fee (60 min)

(For ICBC claims, the client or legal counsel is responsible for a $12 + GST user fee. There are no user fees after the initial assessment)


After your initial assessment, regular weekly sessions may be booked to help with consistent implementation and progression of your exercise program.

For those intending to continue independently, 2-4 private Kinesiology sessions are generally recommended to allow for a thorough introduction and understanding of the program.

Kinesiology Session (60 min)

Private Kinesiology 10-Pack** ($85/session)
$850* (private pay only)

Kinesiology Sessions for ICBC Claims (45 min)
$78* (with approval, ICBC covers the full amount)


*All prices subject to 5% GST
**Please note, there are no discount packages available for individuals with ICBC claims or those with legal counsel.