This is a gentle movement class that is terrific for people who find themselves in a seated or stationary position for much of the day.  Discover different ways to move your tissues and to incorporate movement into your day to help your body either maintain or improve its function.

A great way to start the day or a great movement break within your day.

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Classes designed to get you moving again!!

Our unique Stretch & Mobility Classes are gentle classes that include static and gentle dynamic stretches, mobility exercises and slow movement patterns to help maintain and improve quality range of motion and functional movement around joints in the back, hips, shoulders, neck and extremities.  


Low – moderate intensity.  Please note that best results will be obtained if you are able to get from a lying down position to a standing up position.

What you will need:

– Exercise mat (or comfortable surface to lie down on)

– Yoga strap or long belt (housecoat belts work well)

– 2 tennis balls

–  1 or 2 resistance bands (moderate to firm resistance)

– Full-sized towel/cushions/pillows to make some positions more comfortable

– Online participants: an internet connection and a device to join Zoom classes

Class Times:

Monday 10 – 10.30am 

In Person & Online

Friday 9 – 9.30am 

Online only