(In Person, Online and On Demand)

At Amaze Active Health, we offer a variety of classes to get you stretching, mobilizing, strengthening, stabilizing, breathing and maybe even sweating!  Our goal is to encourage activity and an integration of all sorts of movements into your day. It’s not just about exercise, it’s about finding and feeling the benefits of adding more motion to your day… to your life.

Indoor Rowing  (60min)

In Person / Online / On Demand
A fun and upbeat environment awaits you at our indoor rowing/erg spin classes. Just like a typical spin class, but taught on the Concept 2 rowing machine by Canadian Olympic Rowers. Introduction to proper form, technique and power application allow you to choose your own intensity.  No experience is necessary and all ages are welcome!

Stretch & Mobility Classes (30min)

In Person / Online / On Demand
These gentle and short (30 min) classes include static and gentle dynamic stretches, mobility exercises and slow movement patterns to help maintain and improve quality range of motion and functional movement around joints in the spine, hips, shoulders and extremities. Getting up/down off the ground is recommended to get the full benefit from this class.

Gentle Strength Classes (60min)

On Demand

This low weight bearing class uses a combination of seated, supported standing and lying positions to improve functional strength and endurance in the core and extremities.  Modifications to movements are given to make this class accessible to all levels.  It is recommended, but not required, to be able to get up and down from the ground to get full benefit from this class.

Cardio Strength (45-60 min)

On Demand
Use body weight, dumbbells and resistance bands to get full body strength and cardiovascular conditioning.   Exercises are modified using furniture/walls to make these classes accessible to anyone who is fairly confident with their balance and getting up and down off the ground (but we work on those things too). Move at your own pace and experience improvement!


For a full list of class prices, check out our pricing page.


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