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Update on Amaze Services this Spring

We hope this newsletter finds you well and that you are managing this challenging time with compassion and love for yourselves and those around you.

This newsletter intends to address a few items that we hope will help you in the coming days weeks and, likely, months.

1.  Community Support during isolation and quarantine
2.  Current status of Amaze Services
3.  Tele-rehabilitation services
4.  Online exercise ideas & suggestions – Instagram and YouTube

As with most small businesses, services have ground to a halt at Amaze due to the need to be socially distancing and minimizing contact with each other.

We are currently in the process of coming up with some creative ways to keep you active and healthy during this time. We regret not being able to see you all in person, but commend you for doing your part to socially distance and self isolate to help reduce the load on our health care system and to save lives.

Community Support during Isolation and Quarantine

Anna-Marie acknowledges how fortunate she is to have many friends and family offer support during her self isolation.  In fact, she has had TOO many offers of support and would like to share the wealth.

If there is anyone in the Amaze Community who needs some extra support in the form of grocery and supply pic ups and drop offs, please email Anna-Marie and she will set you up with one of her lovely friends who has expressed desire to help those in need. This offer is for anyone who needs support, but especially those in the older demographic, those with preexisting medical conditions or those with reduced immune systems that put them at higher risk of getting ill.

If you would like to be part of this by offering your own services to help those in need, please reach out to Anna-Marie. She will put people in need in touch with those able to help in order to ease the burden and support each other during this time.

Thank you for your kind support and consideration of this initiative.


As you are hopefully aware from our previous emails, all group classes, both indoor rowing and aquatherapy, are cancelled until further notice.

At this stage, as it seems very unlikely that there will be any opportunities to offer private sessions in the coming weeks, all Kinesiology sessions in March and April are also cancelled.  If you haven’t heard from us yet about this, you will be contacted soon; consider yourself warned ;o).  We will resume with our usual offerings as soon as we are able.

We are working on figuring out options for providing our regular Kinesiology sessions via a secure online system that follows privacy and encryption guidelines.  While we have some work to do on this we hope that by my “release date” from isolation (March 31) we will be able to reach out to all of you who have been waiting for Kinesiology appointments to discuss some options.  If you’d like to be on the list to hear about these opportunities, please email Anna-Marie directly.
Check out our Instagram feed by clicking on the logo above- you don’t need an account to see it – only if you want to comment or ‘like’ it or ‘follow’ us.  We are posting videos each day with one new exercise (and 3 progressions of it) that you could try at home without any equipment.  There is a description of the exercise beside or below the posted videos. Swipe left to watch all the progressions and videos. Adding one new movement each day is a great way to challenge our bodies in this challenging time.

Wow, we’re really doing this aren’t we?  We now have a YouTube Channel!  Follow us by clicking on the above icon and “Subscribe” to our channel.  There are a couple short videos on there already as per a request for information about how to clean a bathtub and do other household chores with sore joints.

My aim is to post 2-3 exercise routines each week during this pause in our routines to give you some variety of things to do during the week while at home or with minimal equipment.  We’re going to start slow and easy with some gentle movements and exercises (similar to our stretch & mobility class) and then build up to more challenging routines to bring your heart rate up and make you sweat a bit.  I sheepishly admit that on day 2 of my isolation, I went head long into intense workouts (jumping jacks, burpees, squats, pushups…) and then I hurt myself… so had to back off for a few days.  Sheesh… will I ever learn? Alas, to treat you better, I will start you up slowly and offer modifications to make it scalable.  We’d love for you to subscribe and make use of these online videos to keep you moving during this isolation and distancing time.  This is also a free service and open to anyone, so you can tell others as well if you’d like.

I am also in the process of figuring out if I can post indoor rowing classes on this channel for those of you with an erg at home.  We have a few hurdles to get over before that’s possible, but that is also in the works.

Email Anna-Marie with requests for specific videos or exercises to include.  Also, if you would be interested in renting an indoor rowing machine for this period, please email Anna-Marie and let her know. She is looking to see if it might be possible to source some.

Another option on YouTube for some gentle movement is Adriene Mischler who offers free yoga classes on YouTube.  Yoga with Adriene is part of my weekly routine and may give you something else to try during this time.

We will continue to communicate with you as we feel necessary.
Any big changes in the news that affect our business will be reported to you by email or telephone if you are a regular client and it affects you immediately.Please know we are wishing you and yours the very best health and contentment at this time and our emails will return to a monthly format as soon as this health pandemic has run it’s course.Thank you for your patience


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