Please click here for the latest Newsletter from August 30, 2020.  In this newsletter we reintroduce our favourite 2-month registration, offer to take names for a waiting list for used rowing machines and has links to September/October Class Schedules and Fees.  We also encourage participation in online or in-person physical activity to keep morale high as we enter the fall season.

Please click here for the Newsletter from August 1, 2020. 

We start in-person rowing and stretch classes this month and continue with our online offerings.  

May 19, 2020

In This Newsletter
1. Amaze Corona Virus Update
2. Kinesiology Sessions Online
3. Online Exercise Classes
     a. Aqua-Alternative: Gentle Core, Strength, Mobility
     b. Stretch & Mobility
     c. Indoor Rowing
4. Updated Cancellation Policy for 2020 
5. The Funny Story
6. Provincial Government Survey


Amaze Corona Virus Update

Short but full update is available here. The summary is that BC is about to begin it’s Restart Plan and enter Phase 2 tomorrow, Tuesday May 19th. Unfortunately Kinesiology is not included in Phase 2 and will have to wait to resume in-person treatments until Phase 3 is introduced.

We are however, building things up online and are currently offering 8 classes per week.  While some tech things like that are getting just a little bit better, we shamefully admit the Amaze Active Health YouTube channel and @amazeactive Instagram posts have fallen sorely by the wayside. Alas, wouldn’t it be dull if we had it all?  Please email or phone us to book a Kinesiology appointment or to book your spot in one of our classes.  Read on for all the details.

Virtual Kinesiology Sessions

Private Kinesiology sessions are currently available on a secure online video platform through our Jane.App booking system.  Whether you are a private client or funded through ICBC, we are available and able to help you with your rehabilitation needs in a safe way at this time. Any credit you have on file can be used toward these sessions.

As Kinesiologists are not involved in Phase 2 Restart and will have to wait until the BC Government unveils Phase 3 before we are able to return to in-person appointments at gyms or clinics.  We are able to provide online virtual sessions and believe we can provide in-person sessions maintaining 2 metres social distance (we’ll get ‘someone’ to look into that… oh the joys of being a one-woman show).  Please reach out to us to ask how we can best support you and your physical activity levels.  

Many people are finding it challenging to move their bodies as much as we had been prior to the pandemic.  In the world we live in right now, other more urgent or stronger things are vying for time and attention from us. Sometimes it’s even Netflix (Can you say “Outlander”?  Yes, yes, several years behind the times. Have only just discovered podcasts too.) Would one session per week or every two weeks help to maintain some accountability for your own recovery or for maintaining or (gasp!) improving your physical activity levels? 

Click here for information about virtual Kinesiology sessions and fees.  As soon as socially distanced home visits in backyards or parks are confirmed our “at home” sessions, as per usual, will be reduced from the usual 60 minutes, down to 45 minutes.  Travel fees may apply for those outside the current catchment area (south of Hillside).

Contact us using the below button for more information about these options. But first, stand up and sit down out of your chair five times… Seriously. Do it. I just did. 

Ok. Now you can click the button.

Online Exercise Classes

We are online, people!

Up and running (rowing/stretching/pushing/pulling/lifting/lowering/grunting/giggling/up&downing)
with most technological irritations smoothed over (&/or apologized for)
Read on for the funny story about one of the wrinkles – you may be sorry you missed it live.

We are currently offering:
FOUR Indoor Rowing classes,
THREE Stretch & Mobility classes,
ONE Aquatherapy Alternative (a gentle core, strength, mobility),
and COUNTLESS (optimistically speaking) private Kinesiology sessions
each week.

Check it out…

Oh, and your first group class is free, (just give us 24 hours notice please) AND and we are tossing in free 30 minute technology sessions before you start (if you’d like) to make sure it’s as seamless as opening a door used to be. 

Aquatherapy Alternative

~ a gentle core, strength & mobility class ~


Quote of the month:
“It’s just not water”.  SV

No it’s not, but we don’t have water right now, honey. So hang in there.  We have created an hour-long gentle strength, core and stretch/mobility class for those missing the water or wanting to try something to build strength and keep moving at an introductory level. 

Using therabands, straps (or ties/belts), chairs, beds/mats, walls and countertops, we are finding ways to move our joints and use our muscles without too much challenge from gravity.

Runner Up Quote of the Month:
“I’m surprised that I am sore from that workout!” KR

We welcome all to join in this gentle class that challenges muscular endurance, joint mobility, core stability and even cardiovascular conditioning in seated, lying and supported standing positions.  If you are curious at all, reach out and try a class for free!  Get moving gently and experience what we are raving about. Currently offered Mondays at 3:30pm & with enough interest we could open up a Thursday morning class.  Click the button below for more information and email us to sign up!

Honorary Mention Quote of the Month:
“I’m sweating.” Anna-Marie

(*sigh* seems I’ve come a long way in the last 12 years since retiring from competitive sport). 

S-T-R-E-T-C-H & mobility

Now offering THREE 30-minute stretch/mobility classes per week from the comfort of your own home!  You don’t even need to finish your coffee before you show up – just bring it with you.  A very civilized way to let the world in.  This is an even gentler class than the above mentioned aquatherapy alternative.  Ease your way into movement Mondays & Wednesdays at 10am and Fridays at 9am! These are only $7/class + GST when you register for the month.  $10 + GST for drop ins. Email us to reserve your free first class and check out our schedule here.

Indoor Rowing Classes

Look how much FUN this is! And trust me, it’s way more fun when doing it in a group/with others.  
If you HAVE an erg at home and have said to yourself at one point or another ‘gosh, I should really use that thing’, then all you have to do is click here to sign up for your first FREE online class. You just need a device with a camera and microphone and half decent wifi near your erg.  Give us 24 hours notice before your first class and we’ll be sure to make it a reasonable re-entry (or initial entry) into these epically supportive and fun workouts with Team Amaze.  All workouts are modifiable and most newbies or ‘novices’ are shocked that they can actually survive… errrrr… sustain themselves a lot longer when coached (distracted/convinced/ encouraged) by a certain optimistic and sometimes quite chatty instructor. 
Mondays & Wednesdays @ 9am.
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6:30pm. 

1-mo registration $12/class + GST
Drop-Ins $18/class + GST
First Class FREE!
The Experience: PRICELESS!!
More information here.

Time Zone Schmime Zone – out of towners welcome!

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who has an indoor rowing machine ANYWHERE and might be interested in joining a group class! 

We do have out-of-town and even out-of-province participants in our classes! 

Perhaps you could even invite an out of town friend to join a workout with you? Rowing, stretching, pretending to be in water…. any of the classes that you’d like to try out.  Feel free to get the word out and invite others to join.
Just drop us a line to get started.

Cancellation Policy – Updated as of May 2020.

It’s terribly exciting. But seems you’re still reading, so here it is below. It’s also available in the ‘About Me’ section on my website. That’s kinda funny actually.
“About Me: I have a Cancellation Policy”. That’s all there is to know really.
The rest is details.
Click here to read it on the website or read on….

Please contact us as soon as you are able to if you need to cancel a session or class. 

Cancellation Policies

Virtual/Online Kinesiology sessions: Any private session cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a late-cancellation fee of $65 + GST charged to the client.  The only exception to this will be a medical issue or acute illness.  To avoid this fee, please call us with at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a private Kinesiology session. 

If a client does not show up for a private virtual/online Kinesiology session, the client will be charged the full amount for the session. 

Group Classes:  All registered clients are able to have one make-up class per (1-month) paid session.  The client must email or phone us and clearly state their intention to miss AND state a date to make up the missed class prior to the end of the class you will be missing.  If we do not receive notification of the date you intend to make up the missed class before the end of that class, there will not be an opportunity to make up the class.  Classes must be made up within the current paid session.  

Private In-Person Kinesiology sessions (currently not available until Phase 3 of the BC Restart Plan):  There will be no cancellation fees or restrictions for cancelling an in person session if you are feeling ill or have any symptoms of being ill.  If an in-person visit needs to be cancelled within 24 hours for any other reason other than acute illness, please refer to the Virtual/Online Kinesiology session policy above.

The Funny/Awkward Tech Story

It was week two or three of our online indoor rowing classes.  The class was being held on my desktop that has served me well and I am still hoping hangs in there for just a bit longer.  Zoom had been behaving and Team Amaze indoor rowers were, for the most part, hearing (listening?) and participating fully in the workouts.  All indoor rowing participants are muted during the classes so the sound of their machines cannot create the echo/feedback for everyone else in the class.  A brilliant and useful idea.  Most of the time.  During that particular evening class with about 30 seconds left in the final piece, I noticed my phone light up with a phone call. No big deal, I thought. The ringer was off, I had already predicted something like this could happen.  I sat up a bit taller with pride at myself for troubleshooting before it was needed.  We could finish the piece, cool down, stretch and I would retrieve the voicemail later.   But then… the desktop started to ring.  (Don’t even get me started by asking why…I have no idea)  And the class video vanished off the right side screen because good ol’ Dolores-the-11-Year-Old-Desktop thought the phone call was more important than my class.

No problem, I thought. Just keep coaching to the end of the last piece. I am confident they are still there and can still hear me, even if I can’t see them (or hear them because they are muted).  So I finish coaching the piece and encourage everyone to keep rowing lightly and tell them I have lost their video. But not to worry, I  think they are still there somewhere.  Just be sure to jot down the meters you rowed and then go into a cool down.
Don’t worry all, people. It’s under control, I’m coming!

But I can’t find them. I search everywhere behind windows and in corners of the screen and even open up  Zoom again on the internet browser and it tells me to sign in again. At this point, I am confident I have lost them completely and have just been talking to myself for the two minutes. And that my phone & desktop ringing had abruptly stopped the class and kicked everyone out.  The only word that comes to mind is a strong four letter one starting with the letter ‘f’.

I toss the bomb out loudly.

At which point, one of the dear clients knows how to unmute herself and says ‘Don’t worry, AM, we’re still here’!


It made for a good laugh and profuse apologies once I found the video again.  I was reassured by the wise young client (who works in IT) that the internet was built on words like that.

I’m just doing my part to keep it strong I suppose.

Provincial Government Survey

The Provincial Government of BC is asking for members of the public to fill in a survey about how Covid-19 has affected you.  They are looking for people from all walks of life but I heard more recently that they were specifically looking for older adults to fill out this survey.  Please consider doing so here.  It takes 10-15 minutes online and can also be completed by phone. 

Thank you for your support of this small business at this time. 

We are currently looking for ways to adapt our business to work better for you, our clients.

If you have any suggestions or requests about rehabilitation and/or fitness classes/services that you would like to see or that would help you at this time, we would love to hear from you by email at or phone 250-686-0899.

Be well.


Apparently ’tis the season again.  With less commuting in the immediate future, we have more time to bake.  So our unique West Coast Granola (featuring crystallized ginger and raisins) and our Chocolate Cherry Granola (with hazelnuts) is now available to purchase.  Safe deliveries will be made to your door every two weeks.

We are offering 3 sizes. 
500ml  $10.00 (includes $1 deposit for the jar)
750ml  $14.00 (includes $2 deposit for the jar)
1.9L  $35.00 (includes $4 deposit for the jar)

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Funnies to share with you

I obviously do not own this Cheers video, but it’s funny and I wanted to share it.

I do not know this Scottish trainer, however I do thank him for this community-minded, selfless act of sharing his knowledge of exercise (& humour) with the masses.  Truly a hero.