Stretch and Mobility is offered after the Monday morning erg spin class.  This gentle 30-minute class will include static and gentle dynamic stretches, mobility exercises and slow movement patterns to help maintain and improve quality range of motion and functional movement around joints in the back, hips, shoulders, neck and extremities.  The purpose of the class is to gently find positions and movements that we might not typically get into during our regular day-to-day activities.  This class aims to reintroduce healthy movement patterns and postures to help counter typical, repetitive or unhealthy postures and activities by improving body awareness and biomechanically sound joint movement.

Price is $7 per class plus GST = $7.35

Payment Methods:  Cash, personal cheques (payable to Anna-Marie de Zwager) or email transfers are accepted.
To register for core or stretch classes or if you have any questions, please email Anna-Marie directly.