Our unique Stretch & Mobility Classes are gentle classes that includes static and gentle dynamic stretches, mobility exercises and slow movement patterns to help maintain and improve quality range of motion and functional movement around joints in the back, hips, shoulders, neck and extremities.  The purpose of the class is to gently find positions and movements that we might not typically get into during our regular day-to-day activities.  This class aims to reintroduce healthy movement patterns and postures to help counter typical, repetitive or unhealthy postures and activities by improving body awareness and biomechanically sound joint movement.

The 30-Minute Stretch & Mobility is offered on Mondays & Thursdays after the morning Erg Spin classes (11am – noon).  We start this short version of the class at 9:30am and while participation in the erg spin class is not required, it is recommended to arrive to the stretch class a little bit warm, so your body will be more ready and willing to move with ease.  Perhaps this is a good opportunity to walk to the class or arrive a bit early to allow yourself time to move a bit before we get started?!  The 30-Minute class is available on a drop-in or registration basis.  Please bring your own mat to the class. A full-sized towel is recommended if you know that your head needs support when lying on the ground or if you have trouble sitting on the ground and prefer to sit up on a bit of height.  We currently do not have space restrictions with this class, however we do like to know how many to expect on any given day, so please email if you plan to drop in or register.

The 60-Minute Stretch & Mobility class is a new offering on Fridays at 8:45am at Soma Active Health.  It follows a similar format and focus to the 30-Minute class, however mats are provided on site and a gentle warm up is included in this hour.  If you need support for the seated or lying positions, please bring your own full-sized towel.  This class is limited to a maximum of 6 participants and registration is strongly encouraged. Drop-in spaces may be available on a class-by-class basis.  Please be sure to email Anna-Marie at least 24 hours ahead of the class to ask about drop-in availability for this class.


30-Minute Stretch & Mobility 

November/December 2018: 

Mondays  November 5, 12, 19, 26    December 3, 10, 17, *,  *

Thursdays November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29   December 6, 13, 20, *


60-Minute Stretch & Mobility

November/December 2018:

Fridays November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30   December 7, 14, 21, *

*no classes the week of December 24 or 31, 2018


30-Minute Stretch & Mobility

Registration or Drop-In:  $10 plus GST = $10.50 per class.

Your first 30-Minute Stretch & Mobility class is only $5.00 + GST = $5.25.


60-Minute Stretch & Mobility 

Registration: $20/class + GST

November/December 2018 (8 weeks) = $160 +GST = $168.00

Drop In (if available): $25 + GST= $26.25

Payment Methods:  Cash, personal cheques (payable to Anna-Marie de Zwager) or email transfers are accepted.  To register for core or stretch classes or if you have any questions, please email Anna-Marie directly.