Anna-Marie has been teaching erg spin classes since she first learned how to use the machine properly in 2002.  She is now teaching her own series of classes at both the Victoria City Rowing Club (VCRC) boathouse at Elk Lake in the Spracklen Room and at the Gorge Narrows Rowing Club at either 3410 Shelbourne Street (at Derby) or #105-2940 Jutland Road.    New participants are welcome.  No experience is necessary, but if you haven’t had an introduction to proper rowing technique or erg usage, she asks that you contact her prior to attending your first class.

The classes include a progressive warm up, a workout which is anywhere between 20-35 minutes in length depending on intensity and stroke rates, a healthy cool down and some stretching and/or mobility work.  Rest periods are built into the workout portion of the session.   Please wear running shoes and comfortable clothing appropriate for working out.  Bring a full water bottle and warm clothes to put on at the end of the session.

You will be taught correct rowing technique, postural endurance, power application and body sequencing for a sound rowing stroke. Effort and intensity can be added to the stroke depending on the individual’s needs, abilities, desires and goals.  Becoming fairly fluent in the language of rowing, the use of the machine & monitor and the experience of a rush of endorphins will be some of the side effects that you may experience from this class.  ​


ALL classes will be held at the SMUS Indoor Rowing Facility at 3410 Shelbourne St. at Derby Road

Mondays @ Shelbourne & Derby
11am-12pm Erg Spin  &  12-12:30pm
 Stretch & Mobility
November 5, 12, 19, 26
December 3, 10, 17, *, *
(7 weeks total)
Erg Spin: $110.25
Erg Spin + Stretch: $183.75

Tuesdays @ Shelbourne & Derby
6:30-7:30pm Erg Spin

November 6, 13, 20, 27
December 4, 11, 18, *
(7 weeks total)
Erg Spin: $110.25

Thursdays @ Shelbourne & Derby
11am-12pm Erg Spin & 12-12:30pm Stretch & Mobility 

November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
December 6, 13, 20, *
(8 weeks total)
Erg Spin: $126.00
 Erg Spin + Stretch: $210.00

Thursdays @ Shelbourne & Derby
6:30-7:30pm ERG SPIN 

November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
December 6, 13, 20, *
(8 weeks total)
Erg Spin: $126.00

*no classes the weeks of December 24 – 28, 2018 and December 31st – January 4, 2019*

Erg Spin Prices:  
Please note, all classes are offered on either a one month (usually 4 or 5 weeks) or two month (usually 8 or 9 weeks) basis.
The prices listed above are the two month prices.
If you have questions about attending for one month, please email Anna-Marie for clarification. 

Drop In = $22/class + GST = $23.10

2018 Loyalty Drop In (for participants registered another AMaZe erg class during the current session) = $17/class + GST = $17.85

One month = $17/class + GST   (3 wks = $53.55, 4wks = $71.40,  5 wks = $89.25)

Two months = $15/class + GST     (7 wks = $110.25, 8 wks = $126.00, 9 wks = $141.75)


Stretch/Mobility Prices:

$10+ GST ($10.50) per class

Click here for more information about these supplemental classes.

Payment Methods:
Personal cheques (made payable to Anna-Marie de Zwager), cash or email transfer are accepted.

*Sessions run from the first of the month to the last of the month. Most months will have four classes in them. For those months with five sessions, the price per class will remain the same, but the overall price for that session will be higher.
There are no classes on statutory holidays** or during the two weeks over Christmas/New Years.

New participants are welcome to start at anytime during the session, however drop in fees may be applicable until the beginning of the next session.
Please contact Anna-Marie directly should you wish to join mid-session and if you do not have any coached experience on the rowing machine.

To register for an erg spin class or for any questions about the classes, please email Anna-Marie directly.