Active land-based rehabilitation services for mobile individuals are offered in a lovely studio in Fernwood.  These programs use basic exercise equipment such as exercise balls, therabands, free weights, medicine balls, kettle bells and the client’s own body weight.  The beautiful and welcoming space is at Soma Active Health at 1358 Gladstone Avenue.

Pool-based Kinesiology sessions (also known as Aquatherapy or Hydrotherapy) are offered at the bright and friendly Victoria Athletic Club at 463 Belleville Street, underneath the Hotel Grand Pacific in downtown Victoria.   Click here for more information on Aquatherapy.

​Initial assessments for both land or water based programming take place at the studio in Fernwood.


The initial assessment includes a full medical history interview and physical assessment.  The assessment will vary based on the client’s current activity level and abilities and may include range of motion and strength measurements, balance testing or a Functional Movement Screen to provide a baseline of physical function.

A personalized exercise program will be created to target areas of weakness and to help improve physical function, fitness and health.   Although a few exercises will be introduced during the assessment, the full program will be introduced at the  first Kinesiology session.

​Recommendations for either studio, gym or pool based programming will be made during the assessment.  Some individuals may benefit from a combination of land and pool exercise programs.

Reassessments are recommended every 4-12 weeks, depending on the client’s needs and level of function.

Initial Assessment Fee:
​$140 + GST = $147.00


Dryland Kinesiology sessions can take place in either the studio location or, in special cases, at the Victoria Athletic Club to utilize specialized cardiovascular and/or strength training equipment there.

Regular weekly sessions may be booked to help with consistent implementation and progression of your exercise program. Studio sessions are available two days per week, Tuesdays and Fridays.  Supervised gym sessions at the Victoria Athletic Club can be arranged on an as-needed basis and will be subject to a $15 entry fee for those clients who are not members of the Club.

Even for the highly motivated and proficient individuals 2-4 private Kinesiology sessions may be recommended prior to continuing independently.  Reassessments are recommended every 4-12 weeks depending on client needs, progress and function.

As of July 1, 2018 prices will be as follows:

​Private Kinesiology Session:
​$90 + GST = $94.50

Private Kinesiology 10-Pack* ($85/session)
$850 + GST =$892.50
*private pay only*

Kinesiology Sessions for ICBC Claims and/or covered by Legal Counsel:
$90+ GST per session = $94.50/session
Please note, there are no discount packages available for individuals with ICBC claims or those with legal counsel.  The price per session for these cases includes regular written updates/communication with the lawyer/adjuster/health care team.