Aquatherapy can be beneficial for individuals managing arthritis, whiplash, inflammation, chronic pain or difficulty weight bearing.  Water pressure and buoyancy can help reduce inflammation in joints, reduce the speed of pain signals and reduce loads on joints in the legs and back.  Movement can become easier with less load through the joints. Balance can be challenged safely and gait patterns can be corrected in the water.  Water also provides gentle resistance in every direction of movement, so strength and stability are continually being challenged.

The pool at the Victoria Athletic Club is a bright, clean, 25-meter, shallow water pool that is often much quieter than a public recreation centre.

An initial assessment in the studio is required prior to starting aquatherapy sessions.  Click here for information about assessments.


Private Aquatherapy programs will be introduced over 2-4 sessions and can be monitored on a weekly basis or reassessed and progressed every 4-12 weeks as needed. The hot tub at this location will also help to relax tired muscles after your session.  ​Your private Kinesiology session at the Victoria Athletic Club also allows you access to the club (gym, classes or pool) for the rest of that day, so if you wish to return later that day independently, you can do so.

Contact Anna-Marie to ask about availability for private sessions.

​Private Aquatherapy Fees:  The fees for Private Aquatherapy are the same as for Private Kinesiology sessions, however an additional $15 + GST Club Entry Fee will be charged for individuals who are not current members of the Victoria Athletic Club.
This fee will cover the client’s entrance into the Victoria Athletic Club and a 3-hour underground parking pass for these private sessions.

The Aquatherapy Fees are as follows:

Private Kinesiology/Aquatherapy Session:      Victoria Athletic Club Members:   $90 + GST = $94.50                                                                                                                                     Non-Members: $105* + GST = $110.25  (*includes Club Entry Fee) 

Private Kinesiology/Aquatherapy 10-Pack**:    Victoria Athletic Club Members: ($85/session) $850 + GST = $892.50                                                                                                            Non-Members: ($100*/session) $1000 + GST = $1050 (*includes Club Entry Fee)

*All private Aquatherapy sessions for Non-Members at the Victoria Athletic Club are subject to a $15 +GST Club Entry Fee

**Kinesiology/Aquatherapy Sessions for ICBC Claims and/or covered by Legal Counsel: ​$90+ GST per session = $94.50/session plus any relevant Club Entry Fees as described above for non-members of the Victoria Athletic Club.
Please note, there are no discount packages available for individuals with ICBC claims or those with legal counsel.
​The price per session for these cases includes regular written updates/communication with the lawyer/adjuster/health care team.


Small Group Sessions:
These registered small group offerings are 55 minutes once per week and sessions are two months in length (usually 8-9 weeks).  The groups have a ratio of 4-6 clients to one instructor.  Each individual will have an personalized program created specifically for them based on their needs, abilities and goals and will complete their program semi-independently while in the group.  The Kinesiologist is present to coach, instruct, correct, progress or alter programs as needed.  A private initial assessment is required prior to starting in the group to allow for the individualized program to be created.
Prices include towel and locker service and access to the club for the entire day. Three-hour parking is available for a nominal fee.

Small Group Aquatherapy Fees:

2-Month Registration = $32/class +GST      (Class Fee: $20. Facility Entry Fee:  $12)

8 weeks:  $256 + GST = $268.80
9 weeks: $288 + GST = $302.40

If you join part way through the session your fee will be prorated.

Members of the Victoria Athletic Club will be given a preferred rate of only the Class Fee ($20/class) to register for the session. 

January/February 2019

Wednesdays 9:00-9:55am @ Victoria Athletic Club

No classes the month of January 2019

February 6, 13, 20, 27

4 weeks: $128 + GST = $134.40

Additional classes/offerings will be available in February 2019 at Saanich Commonwealth Place.  Website will be updated soon.