Anna-Marie runs a mobile business and is able to travel to your home or facility to help you achieve your functional goals and improve your quality of life.  She works with individuals who are unable to leave their home yet living with stable medical conditions, musculoskeletal injuries and /or having difficulties in completing daily activities.  Programs can be supervised or independent and are tailored to meet your own functional goals.


Anna-Marie is proud to be part of the  incredible health care team at SOMA Active Health in Fernwood.  She is currently accepting new clients of all ages and abilities and will work closely with you, creating a physical activity program and routine targeted at your specific goals.  If you are able to travel for your appointments, this will be your best bet to help you recover from injuries, illnesses or surgeries or to get started with a balance physical activity routine.
​Anna-Marie also offers aquatherapy sessions at the Victoria Athletic Club for individuals who would benefit from an exercise routine in the water.
​Contact Anna-Marie directly for a free phone consultation or to book an appointment.


Anna-Marie proudly works in the Victoria community as a Physiotherapist Support Worker with Annmarie Scanlan of Scanlan Physiotherapy.  If you are in acute pain, within 6-8 weeks post surgery, have multiple medical conditions, are in need of manual therapy, ultrasound or IMS (intramuscular stimulation) then physiotherapy is recommended prior to working with Anna-Marie.
Please contact either Anna-Marie (Kinesiologist) or Annmarie (Physiotherapist) for further information or if you have questions about which form of therapy is most suitable for you.