Erg Spin classes (Tuesday evening and Monday/Thursday mornings will resume the week of January 7, 2019.  Click here for a schedule.

There will be no Kinesiology services (private or group) for the month of January 2019.

In 2019, we will no longer be offering services at the incredible Soma Active Health location in Fernwood. We are sad to leave the incredible community there and at the same time we are excited about new opportunity to offer private and group services at Saanich Commonwealth Place (SCP) starting February 2019.

Wednesday 9am aquatherapy classes at the Victoria Athletic Club will continue starting February 6th, 2019, however our Thursday afternoon class will be discontinued until further notice. Additional aquatherapy classes will be offered at SCP.

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Private Rowing Lessons with Anna-Marie (2 hours): 

Row with Anna-Marie $135 + GST

Coached Single: $125 + GST

Coached Double (2 participants): $150 + GST ($75 per person)

For private rowing lessons please contact Anna-Marie directly.

World Rowing Coastal Championships

Tulista Park, Sidney, BC

Thursday October 11th – Sunday October 14th, 2018

Racing Results Below

Honestly, people, this is quite exciting, so hope you can take the time to watch a bit of it online!

If you missed it you can catch the A Finals here. Anna-Marie’s races in the Women’s Double with Zoe Light are at about the 00:10:00 – 00:37:00 mark in the video.  The Mixed Double races with Norm Healey are from about 04:02:00-04:36:00 mark of the video (followed by a neat montage of all the successes and collisions from the weekend which is pretty fun, if only it wasn’t Norm and I involved in the collision with the red buoy)

All start lists and race results as well as more information on the regatta can be found here.


Our team of four (Rika, Zoë, Norm and AM) were such a great support to each other and really fed off all the cheering and support from the shore. So thank you for making this such an exciting experience for all of us!

Thursday October 11, 2018

Updated Results!

3:00pm Qualification Race: CM1x  (N. Healey, UVic Vikes Alumni) – RESULTS: race cancelled due to scratches, all rowers progress to heats. Yay Norm!

4:00pm Heat 2 CMix 2x (AM de Zwager & N. Healey) – RESULTS: 4th place finish. Progress to A Final on Saturday.

6:00pm Opening Ceremony

Friday October 12, 2018

8:00 am Heat 1: CW2x  (AM de Zwager and THE Zoe Hoskins Light, teammates from Beijing Olympic Games 2008) Lane 2 (Northern end… closer to the Anacortes ferry terminal) RESULTS: 5th place finish after a very exciting race including some clashing of blades and sharp words in Spanish to and from another crew!

11:20am Heat 2: CW1x  (Rika Geyser) – South African Single Sculler from Beijing Olympic Games 2008) Lane 6.  RESULTS: Finished in 5th place holding her own at 24 strokes per minute (most others racing at 26 or 28spm!).

5:30pm Heat 3 CM1x (Healey)  Lane 17 (furthest south lane… furthest from the Anacortes ferry terminal). RESULTS: Top 5 from each heat went through to the A Final.  Next fastest time also went through to the A Final for a total of 16 boats in the A final.  Next 5 from each heat went through to the B Final. Unfortunately, after a fast start and a strong race, Norm wasn’t able to get into the top 10, so will not be racing in either final on Saturday.  Awesome gutsy performance in choppy conditions this evening!  Look out for a Times Colonist article by Cleeve Dheensaw featuring Norm Healey’s Coastal Rowing story in the paper this weekend!!

Saturday October 13, 2018

A Finals

12:00pm CW2x (AM de Zwager & Z. Light) Lane 4   RESULTS: A wicked (and fairly lucky, but we’ll take it) turn at the first buoy helped us barge ahead of a mad group of scullers including a Canadian crew from Winnipeg, coached by a Beijing teammate.  We fought of Spain, who had given us some grief in the heats and crushed it racing to a 5th place finish. Turns out that’s a top finish for a Canadian Crew at this regatta!  There has been some talk about the two of us coming out of retirement… ha ha…

1:20pm CW1x (R. Geyser) Lane 13  RESULTS: A strong race in challenging conditions with wake from official and spectator boats.  But Rika ended up finishing in strong form in 10th place.  The only member of the South African Team, Rika was a favourite around the venue over the weekend, making a lot of new friends and enjoying the beautiful weather and surroundings in Sidney.  She’s headed back home now, but said she was really glad to have made the trip!

4:40pm CMix 2x (AM de Zwager & N. Healey) Lane 12  RESULTS:  Bit of a lively start (which wasn’t necessarily planned, but the excitement of the moment revved up AM in stroke seat a little more than we had planned).  We had a clean turn around the first buoy and unfortunately found the second buoy on our port side blades, instead of the starboard side blades.  Neither of us having read the rules, we quickly made the decision that it would be better to accept a time penalty rather than spending probably more than 2 minutes trying to get around the right side of the buoy.  We were well past it and the current and waves were fairly strong… so we put our heads down and booted it toward the finish line.  We moved well in the second half of the race, trying to make up for the time we thought we’d have lost from that buoy jumping onto our port side.  Unfortunately, we ended up being given a DNF (did not finish) result as we didn’t complete the course. Lesson learned: always read the rules of racing before proceeding!  Disappointing with the result, but we were pleased with the race itself and really, what more can you ask for?

Sunday October 14, 2018