Anna-Marie de Zwager is a two time Olympian in the sport of rowing.  She competed in Athens 2004 in the Women’s 8+ (Eight) and in Beijing 2008 in the Women’s 4x (Quadruple Sculls).  In addition to those regattas, she raced for Canada at three World Championships and multiple World Cup and International Regattas in a number of different boats including a single and a double.  She also experienced quite a bit of success on the indoor rowing machine, affectionately known as the Erg.  She won the Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships twice (2007 & 2008) as well as the World Indoor Rowing Championships in 2007 & 2017.  In 2018 this indoor “World” regatta changed it’s name and sponsor and became the World Rowing Indoor Championships, now a branch of World Rowing.  Anna-Marie won the first ever World Rowing Indoor Championships in early 2018. It should be noted that she won in ‘her age category’ (& is in the early years in this particular 10-year age category!)

Since returning to the field of active rehabilitation from her time as an Olympic rower, Anna-Marie has found great pleasure working with individuals of all ages and abilities. She loves how sometimes the most simple movement or exercise can provide such an incredible amount of independence.  For example, being able to sit and stand safely, balance while putting on a jacket, reach for an item in a cupboard or negotiate a corner with a walker.  Similarly, maintaining good posture, a stable core and sound positioning while performing athletic feats or working toward complex physical goals can be equally as empowering and motivating.

Anna-Marie also works as a Physiotherapy Support Worker with Annmarie Scanlan, Physiotherapist, of Scanlan Physiotherapy.  These session are important for people who are in need hands-on therapy (Annmarie, Physio) in addition to the active rehabilitation provided by Anna-Marie (Kinesiologist).   These sessions are available in the community, studio, pool or gym settings depending on the client’s needs and goals.  The treatment and goals are set and monitored by the Physiotherapist but carried out by the Kinesiologist.  Contact Anna-Marie (Kin) or Annmarie (Physio) for more information about these services.

As a member-practitioner of the Victoria Community Health Cooperative, Anna-Marie is happy to be able to offer her services on a “pay-what-you-can-afford” basis at the Wellness Clinics on the fourth Sunday of each month.  Please visit the VCHC website for more information on how to join the Co-op and take advantage of this service.